Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rainy Days and Boris Always Get Me Down

It has been raining all day in my neck of the woods. Being that I am in drought-stricken California, rain is much welcomed. What isn't quite so embraced is dealing with Boris during days he doesn't get to frolic outside in the yard. 

Big brother Whiskey has no problem spending the day snoring away on the bed, but Boris is like the Cat in the Hat times 10--minus the rhyming, of course, and the machine that cleans everything up before mom arrives home. In this case, I am mom, and mom works from home as a journalist,
Boris researching
which means a lot of time on the computer writing and researching.

During the first hour of work, Boris broke the child safety locks and was found rummaging through cleaning supplies, bags and an over abundance of unopened condiments stored under the kitchen sink. I now have a trashcan in front of my sink to keep the door closed, which is every interior decorator's dream. 

Then he decided that the four-foot tall stack of books that resides up against the wall until I can read them was in his way, so that came crashing down. The closet was the next victim. Boris managed to slide open the door and knocked over the dirty clothes basket, and tried to climb a shirt that was hanging in his new clubhouse. 

Next up is his never ending quest to rid the world of full water bowls.  Ten paper towels later, and I am either going to have to drive into the office to work or take my desk outside in the rain. The office feels awfully far away.

Finally, he seems to be ready for a nap. I sit down at my computer to finish a story, and the desk becomes the must-be place for my furry bundle of joy. Click on the link below to view the short video that was cut in the nick of time to save my computer. The reason will be evident at the end. 

Still wouldn't trade him for the world. 

Every Color Deserves a Forever Home

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Fighting Obesity in Pets


By now most people have probably strayed from their New Year's resolution to eat healthy and drop a few pounds, but the furry members of your family don't have to.

Believe it or not, animals do not crave french fries or ice cream sundaes, and certainly do not need to consume them. Even treats designed specifically for our beloved pets can be loaded with calories.

Get the lowdown on weight control in pets and how human food can have a big impact on your pet's health and longevity.

Click and read a informational article written by Marge Chandler, DVM in collaboration with Petco http://bit.ly/1OgF5iQ

Every Color Deserves a Forever Home,
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of 2015--Breaking News: Escaped Prisoner Captured

Escaped prisoner Boris Tiberius Wilson

A notorious cat burglar was apprehended after escaping a prison cell in a rural seaside town in California.

Last night at approximately 6 p.m. Boris Tiberius Wilson, 1.5-years-old, used his shiv like claws to tear through the screen of his cell window shortly after consuming his evening meal of turkey in gravy with cheese bits and accented with real bacon.  Upon his escape he was reportedly seen loitering with suspected gang members in a driveway of a nearby home.

Cell window screen cut by the prisoner

“It was an elaborate escape; I had no idea he 
 was gone,” said Warden Theresa-Marie Wilson. “In hindsight, I guess I should have sensed it. It was peaceful and quiet. It was like being on vacation.”

Special agent Whiskey Pickle Jones alerted authorities to the prison break from his post on the window perch in the north tower, commonly known as the reading nook. Whiskey steadfastly held his ground monitoring the movements of the escapee, a sworn enemy, through the small gaps between fence boards.

Boris was believed to be on the lam for a half an hour before the warden was able to understand Whiskey’s somewhat limited communication skills and initiate a search of the facility followed by sounding alert sirens and setting up an intense cathunt.

Investigators believe the escape had been planned for sometime because two other cats disguised as Boris, black fur, green eyes and sneaky demeanor, were spotted in the same driveway as the prisoner—an obvious decoy to confuse law enforcement. 

Boris was taken into custody without incident and was said to be clinging to the warden during the trek back to his cell. The two unknown associates still lurking in the vicinity were said to chant, “Dead cat walking.”
Whiskey received several treat accommodations for his heroic efforts in providing information that lead to the capture of the escapee.

Whiskey during his treat accommodation ceremony

Boris will be dragged before the court yet again to hear his additional charges. He is already serving time for grand theft, felony destruction of property, stalking a human, and general annoyance. The warden will serve as both judge and jury in the case.

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