Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bath Time for Boris

Boris is brown from rolling in dirt

I will never have a clean tub or get a full night of sleep because of Boris. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have the cat, but a bathtub without paw prints all over it and brown spots in it has become a dream of mine. Boris loves to roll around in the dirt when he goes outside, really role in it, and then come darting into the house to share his new sand coat with the floor, the shelves, the bed, my clothes and, especially important, the bathtub.

Since the very first day I brought him home, he has been obsessed with the bathtub. He sits on the edge when I take a shower and pokes his head around the curtain waiting for me to drip water on his head. On the rare occasion when the bathroom door is closed while I am showering, he meows at the top of his lungs and tries to open the door.

Boris plays in the tub and has even convinced his big 22 pound 12-year-old brother, Whiskey, that jumping in and out of the tub is great fun, and wrestling in it is even more fun. The bathroom is off of my bedroom,
Boris inspecting his shower curtain handiwork
so until I can adjust my sleep pattern to remain in REM during a base drum solo, I am out of luck.

Right around 10 p.m. Boris likes to run as fast as he can from the living room and jump in the tub, jump out of the tub and sprint back to the living room--over and over and over and over again.

I have stopped wasting money on calming essential oils such as lavender to help me fall asleep and stopped dropping melatonin down my throat as a sleep aid because Boris, the amphetamine, trumps any over the counter solutions. Is having cats enough of a reason for a doctor to dole out a medical marijuana card? I'm sure it would be if I threw in that I also have back pain.  

Enjoy a short video of Boris after he brought one of his toys into the tub.
Boris when he was a baby in the tub with Whiskey

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Enjoy a short video for all the furless moms out there who love and care for their sons and daughters as well as their far superior cats. Love Whiskey and Boris.
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Our mom takes photos of us, but isn't giving us modeling fees. We are taking her to court for that among other things. Our lawyer, Purrjury Jones, said that we have a good case so far.

Whiskey--"She promised a Cinco de Mayo party and that was an epic fail, not one margarita was served, yet she tried to rub my belly like I am some floozy. These kind of advances must be stopped. Meow means NO!"

Boris--"In exhibit 2 (below), it is clear that she doesn't share toys. If I want whatever is in her hand, it should be mine. There is a contract between humans and Gods, she has broken that agreement. Good news is she almost fell over during this game of tug of war. I think I put her in her place. She was giggling, which is a clear sign of absolute fear."

                We will keep all interested parties up to
                date as our court date comes near. More
                evidence is coming in daily.

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