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Hope for Australia

The news of the deadly fires in Australia is heartbreaking. The animals that are dying ( I read 500 million) and the destruction of the resources that those that live need to survive is devastating. As I'm sure many of you guys who have become regulars in our lives or those of you who have read what Cat Noir CC is about, know that the human is not one to post sad stuff. There is nothing funny, happy or heartwarming to say about the loss caused by the fires, but it can't be ignored. I will look for the examples of extraordinary humanity, the people doing things with the goal to help not find fame and the support so many around the world will extend to Australia. I will do what I can to help. We hope that there is relief soon and the fires are contained. We hope that the politics developing around this fire do not take away from the real work that needs to be done--the heart not the hate. We hope for rain, We hope no more people or animals are lost. We hope that people aro

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