Wine Wednesday With Virgil

Those of you who don't follow us on for daily photos are missing out on the newest member of the Cat Noir CC family--Virgil. He is a 10-week-old bundle of fun with claws.

Like most kittens, he leads a very stressful life and looks forward to a little mid-week indulgence with good friends and a glass or three of good wine.

Inevitably, as the tuna platter dwindles the wine consumption increases. Before you know it, tails are sticking straight up in the air, the sound of purring permeates, and some cool cat or smitten kitten is too buzzed to care. 

At this point, someone usually meows for a celebratory round requiring that a new bottle be opened. The cause for celebration is hardly important and often runs from, "Dude, I got a new toy with real feathers," to "Who wants to play, I've Peed on That?"

An evening of wine consumption isn't always a jovial time. Some cats scratch out a more melancholy response to alcohol and can be heard yowling their troubles throughout the night.

Of course there is the cat that by the third refill feels compelled to be as open and honest as feline-ly possible. Everything comes pouring out from being afraid of mice or really missing their balls since having the operation that the human told them was going to be fun.

Virgil is a mere 2 pounds, so drinking his weight in alcohol can sneak up on the little guy sending him from classy to trashy without that bloated feeling that comes with drinking beer. It is at this time his jaunty prance across the room becomes a wobbly walk to the litter box.

With litter stuck to the tip of his nose and eyes at half-mast, Virgil typically crashes on the bed with one eye open to keep the room from spinning.

Party on crazy cats, and don't forget Tequila Tuesday and the ever popular Smashed Saturday where anything goes.

No cat consumed alcohol in the making of this post. Alcohol is bad for cats, so drink straight from the bottle because they don't have opposable thumbs and can't take out the cork or twist off the cap or work the valve on the box. 

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