Adopt Don't Shop and Remember Me Thursday

ADOPT It will change the beat of your heart like these two rock stars did mine.

September 22, is
Remember me Thursday. Annually it  is the fourth Thursday of September. The campaign was created  to honor the millions of pets who lost their lives in shelters while waiting for a loving home. It also serves to shine a light on the  healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption.

Learn more about the movement at Remember their world is our responsibility.

Cat Noir Central Coast (CC) encourages people to adopt black cats because they are euthanized up to 50 percent more often than their colorful brothers and sisters in the cat world.

These cats are no different from cats with different colored fur. As proven by Whiskey and Boris, they are beautiful, playful, loving animals.

If you are already incredibly cool and have a few frisky felines roaming around your house,
bed, bookshelves, or simply sitting contently on your lap, donate your time to a shelter, donate whatever monetary funds you can to a non-profit pet project and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

We at Cat Noir CC hope that humor helps people see how much laughter and joy a cat will bring into their lives. If you are one of those selfish what's in it for me people then listen up, caring for an animal can add years to your life, lower your blood pressure and decrease depression. It's a furry little drug that you shouldn't swallow and doesn't make pharmaceutical companies richer.

So stick it to the man, adopt a pet, save a life and experience unconditional love. Trust me, they don't care if you don't flush the toilet every time you use it, they don't care if your beard looks like creatures have been gnawing at it during the night, and they really don't care if your boobs are sagging and you haven't shaved your legs since the Reagan years. Not that I personally have any of those conditions, but I know people who are dangerously close.

Rock on adopters, be a real hero and not that plastic guitar, button pushing type bouncing around to Foghat in your mother's basement. But, even if that is who you are, your pet will still curl up with you and adore every song.

Every Color Deserves a Forever Home
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