The Outlook

Be still my heart

Okay, they're here. Everybody yell surprise. This is going to be so great

Boris: Fresh crawfish, don't let anyone come near it.

Whiskey: I'm not in the mood. We're all going to die anyway.

Boris: Could this day be any better?
The sun, the flies, the smells, people watching.

                                                                                    Whiskey: I guess. If you're into that kind off stuff

Check out how big my muscles are when I flex. Dude, can you see that. No, man I'll work on my legs another time. It's all about upper body.

Seriously, how many chins do I have? Is this what I look like all the time now? I'm a cow. I'm dieting starting tomorrow.

There's something about being all dressed up and outside in the fresh air. It just makes a cat feel good about himself and ready to catch the biggest fish, the fastest mouse and swiftest bird.

What the hell? Get this thing off of me. I'm not falling for your corporate cat crap. Take me inside and feed me NOW. I'm talking top of the line canned food. What's next a corner office?

I am so close to the toy. Hehee, I'm going to sneak up on it, throw it around in the air and pounce on it. Just when it thinks I am done, I will run from room to room with it in my mouth and then throw it in the bath tub.

So this it it, the new toy?  You say it cost a lot? No, I love it. I'll play with it soon. How does April or May sound to you?


  1. Whiskey: I guess. If you're into that kind off stuff - That is my husband's line. OMG. Also, the photos made me laugh so hard. :-)

  2. Haha. I'm glad. I keep going back and looking at the little beasts and laughing. They keep me amused with their differences.

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  4. Haha. funny stuff. That Whiskey is like the feline version of Eeyore.

    1. Haha. That's what I call him. He has all these Eeyore poses coupled with resting bitch face.


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