Oh, Christmas Tree part 2

I wanted to have a living document that I had a Christmas tree in 2015. As of one half hour after decoration, one ornament has been destroyed.

It was of cat design and given to me by a friend. I had tucked it away near the top of the tree, where it spent its last minutes of freedom with its peers, silver ball guy and Lisa Simpson.

Goodbye white kitty sitting on a red pillow. Although we never had the chance to get to know each other, I am sure you were a fine decoration meant for greatness. I apologize for Boris killing you.

While I was sitting reading a  book in the room where the tree is staying, it started to shake and the ornaments made tinkling noises. Guess who was under the tree.


  1. There is nothing more exciting for a cat than when the humans bring a tree indoors just for them! Haha!

    1. So very true. Boris is beside himself and Whiskey just wants to drink from the stand.


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