Goldfish Gone--Boris Bad

I was down to one goldfish in my 10-gallon tank so decided to get the little guy some friends and save a few fish from being fed to larger water dwellers. I purchased three. Today, only the original one remains.

Two died within the first day and were found floating at the top of the tank. I couldn't find the third one but held out hope that it was hiding behind a fake plant. When I went to water the garden, I found the missing goldfish floating in the watering can. There is only one cat that would do this--BORIS. 

Ever since he was a kitten, Boris has been a fish tank thief. He has taken the little net hanging by the tank, the plastic fish on top of the tank, and the little container of their food. 
The cat is legendary at removing the replacement cartridges that I put in the filter even with the lid on the tank. 

He must have stolen the fish and ran outside with it when I wasn't looking. Why he put it in the watering can will likely never be known. 

Considering he knocks over everything, be it bucket or bowl, that contains water, he must have had a plan to get the fish out. 

For now, I will stick with one little goldfish in the tank, at least until Boris gets over the thrill of the hunt. 

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