Backoff Christmas, Thanksgiving is still Coming

Whiskey speaking for the season, the other one.
Dear retailers, just a little reminder that it is still fall and there is Thanksgiving to be had before even one verse of 12 Days of Christmas crosses anyone's lips.

As a cat, I rather enjoy turkey. I do not care for that mincemeat pie you humans eat at the next holiday--the one in winter. Pssst other cats, it has no meat in it. It is things like this that make felines a superior species. Humans also call things "pairs" when they are singular items such as a pair of scissors, pants, pliers and on it goes. When I say I want a pair of fish, I mean two. Do not try to rip me off. 

Remember these are the beings who gave us animal grouping names such as a wisdom of wombats (cats are wiser), a pack of dogs (please one of them is too much), a company of parrots ( ever try to have a conversation with
Boris depressed over the dismissal of Thanksgiving
a parrot, they say the same thing over and over) a troubling of goldfish (the only troubling thing is when humans put a lid on the fish tank) and a murder of crows (I'd like to murder a few). A group of felines is called a glaring of cats. Okay that one is pretty accurate.

I think my little brother Boris would like to say something about the thankless treatment of Thanksgiving. 

Dear Santa, I want a box of cat nip, some mice

What? Boris you insufferable small-headed little cat. Did you not hear what I just said. 

Oh come on Whiskey the damn hardware store had Christmas decorations up in October. Next year, they will probably be up the day after Easter. That would be ironic, now wouldn't it? I might be little,
Boris defending fall foliage in California
but I too am wise to these humans. They aren't very smart, so you have to keep reminding them of things. I bring a toy mouse into mom's bed every morning to let her know I need more of them. At least 20 in each room of the house. Same with Santa. He is known for being jolly not sharp-witted. You have to give him your list early.

I, Whiskey Pickle Jones, give up. This generation of felines is hopeless. What's next? Opposable thumbs or tail wagging. 

Everyone at Cat Noir CC wishes you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 

Mom, Thanksgiving is still a week away.

Let it go Whiskey.

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